The VUB ICT User Group is an initiative of the VUB delegation of the UCCC, the advising organ representing the users of the VUB/ULB Computing Centre including the Network Services RESULB and VUBNET.

For many years in the history of our institution practically all ICT facilities where closely connected to the VUB/ULB Calculation Centre. Nowadays ICT facilities are provided campus wide by a variety of departments.

This growth in services was and is inevitable and will expand in the future as an implication of the evolution in our digital landscape. On the other hand the implementation, evaluation and maintenance of a digital service is exhausting and needs to be performed frequently.

As it is not unthinkable that some of the provided services are not fully tuned to assure the highest degree of quality and best user perception, the need of this ICT User Group arises.

The academic governement is aware of the need of high quality, streamlined and secure ICT services, preferably in an integrated and platform independent environment.

More over, this fact is confirmed by the appointment of a Chief Information Officer in 2010 and a Security Counselor in 2011 to develop a central ICT strategy.

The VUB ICT User Group has the intention to be a forum to the university community where, in a structured way, all members of our institution can:

  • suggest modifications to existing ICT systems to serve the general interest of the university,
  • formulate a proposal or request to implement absent but highly demanded ICT services,
  • bring problematic services or systems under the attention of the ICT User Group board,
  • send in a candidature to become a member of the ICT User Group.

The ICT User Group is on the other hand not claiming to be the solution to anyones individual problem but will rather try to, if an introduced subject is valid, make it discussable.

If needed the ICT User Group will launch an electronic survey to assess the general opinion of the academic community on a specific topic or service.

It would appear that we have reached the limits of what is possible to achieve with computer technology, although one should be careful with such statements, as they tend to sound pretty silly in 5 years. - John von Neumann

  !! Note that for solving and reporting daily technical problems, one should use the appropriate helpdesk@vub.ac.be e-mail address, call the provider of the affected service or visit the helpdesk pages!!

These pages are presented in English to reach the global academic community.

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