ICT User Group Board Formation

The members of the board are de facto the members of the VUB delegation to the VUB/ULB UCCC.

All members of the VUB delegation have to send in a candidature stating their job role within our institution, preferably ICT related to raise the level of expertise of the board.

The delegation, and thus the User Group Board, can hold 8 active members and 2 backup members.

The VUB CIO and Security Counselor are associated members of the User Group Board.

The delegation elects a representative for the UCCC (alternating President or Vice-president of the UCCC) and has a seat in the CC Management Board.

The elected representative functions as the User Group President, the User Group Board elects a vice-president and secretary.


ICT User Group Member Formation

Every member of the academic community can submit a candidature to join the User Group when announced on our site and in the electronic newsletter of the VUB.

The ICT User Group can hold approximately 30-35 members, divided in 40% academic personnel, 40% administrative and technical personnel and 20% students.

The student delegation should preferably be represented by members of the student council.

The board will do the best effort to have as many departments represented as possible.

The User Group Board will organize meetings with all members approximately 4 to 6 times a year, depending on the necessity.

These modalities are subject to approval of the User Group board (first meeting april '11) and in a second phase subject to approval of the academic authorities.


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