Mr. Klaas Chielens

Klaas Chielens works at the Institute for European Studies as Electronic Communication Advisor. In this function he works with Social Media and E-learning and advises the IES directors and researchers on the application of social media, CMS systems and deployment of new online webservices. He is currently working as technical advisor for an FP7 project (CORPUS).

Klaas made the change from Microsoft Windows computers to Apple when he started as a researcher at the VUB. Since then he has not regretted the switch and has converted quite a number of friends. As Apple delegate in the VUBUG group, he is planning to set up an Apple User Community at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Klaas holds a degree in Linguistics from this university and has been working and studying here since 1994.

Contact Info:

Institute for European Studies

Pleinlaan 5 - 1st floor


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